Welcome To Kenaf Jute Trading

Kenaf  Jute Trading has  started  it’s journey  of  natural fiber  business in  2011, however  we have been involved with  the kenaf/ jute fiber business for a long time at  the domestic  and international level. 

The natural fiber like Jute/ Kenaf, Hemp, Flax, Sisal, Abacca, Remie etc. have the usage and potentiality with different industry. With the advancement of time and technology the fiber has taken the root into the industries like Nonwoven, composites, automotive, pulp and paper,  felt,  furniture etc. Being environment friendly and the attribute of biodegradability of the natural fiber kept it into priority list of the industries as raw materials of different product. However most of the natural fiber production is regional based and there is a good gap between the supply sources and the manufacturing industry which is holding back the industry to grow in full swing. Our main aim is to reduce the gap between the supply sources and manufacturing industry while eventually contributing to make an environment friendly green world.

Bangladesh is one of the Jute/Kenaf fiber growers in this world and largest Jute exporter in the world. In fact Bangldesh is in the position to fulfill the new diversified industry requirements.