Jute and Kenaf fiber has been being used in the traditional product like sacking, Hessian cloth, CBC etc. for a long time.  With many innovative researches and advancement of technology the natural fiber has taken its root to diverse industries as follows;

AUTOMOTIVE:  The natural fiber usage in automotive industry has a long history; however the usage was not in significant quantity. However the advancement of compression molding and injection molding technology has facilitated the industry to grow; now it is being widely accepted and used in the automotive industry. 

NONWOVEN: The natural fiber can be used in manufacturing of nonwoven mat.

COMPOSITES:  The properties of cellulose and lignin have helped the raw material to be used in Composites making.

FURNITURE: The natural fiber is being used in furniture industries for making furniture. Decking is one of them.

FELT: The fiber is being used in the Felt industry.

BUILDING: The building industry also has come forward to the usage of natural fiber.

PULP AND PAPER: The natural fiber can be used to produce pulp and paper.