Our Mission:

Kenaf Jute Trading has a strong desire to play a role in the environment friendly natural fiber sector. Our activates are concerned of the following but not limited to;

  • Works for maximum usage environment friendly natural fiber.
  • Reducing and optimizing the gap between the core supplier and end user industry.
  • Developing cost optimization strategy for benefits of all stakeholders (grower, supplier to end user).
  • Create a supportive environment for all stakeholders of the sector/industry. We live together, we survive together, and we grow together. We are here for partnership, all trading entity are just a contributor to the environment.
  • Reaching maximum industry, developing new market and industry usage.

Our Vision:

Bangladesh is the second largest producer of environment friendly Jute and Kenaf fiber. It is also the largest raw jute and kenaf fiber exporter in the world. But being number one or two in a class doesn’t necessarily mean the best. We are naturally fortunate, but unfortunately unfortunate in this materialistic world in term of natural fiber based industry. Though we have the best advantage of it, the raw material availability, the comparative cheap labour cost, but we are still far behind from doing the right.

In future, we dream of a substantial growth in the environment friendly natural fiber based sector. We dream of natural fiber based industries with the support of modern technology. There are enormous spaces in this sector to develop natural fiber (Jute/Kenaf) based industries such as:

  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Automobile parts manufacturing (Using Jute/Kenaf)
  • MDF board manufacturing.
  • Building materials development.
  • Furniture industry.
  • Felt industry.
  • Non woven.

We have a great opportunity to develop ourselves from a country of raw material supplying to an end product supplying country.